Software Solutions

Software Solutions

We adapt existing applications, develop complex custom software and integrate them into existing system landscapes to give you limitless possibilities for your business and your customers.

For an effective implementation, we rely on the latest technologies and methods in the field of software development. Developing software requires a profound understanding of the issues, a keen sense of market trends, industry know-how, and years of customer experience.

Whether classic IT solutions, web applications, embedded systems or mobile applications - as a reliable technology partner and specialist for individual software solutions, we implement your Projects according to your specific requirements.

Throughout the development process, user experience, especially customer support and performance, has top priority.
Individual software development, tailor-made solutions for your product - this has been our passion for many years. Marcus Leufgen - CEO, Clear Systems

Our range of services

  • Preparation of specifications and specifications in cooperation with you
  • Preparation of a product plan (product backlog)
  • Selection of adequate technologies and methods
  • Database development with Oracle, MS-Sql and MySql, MariaDB
  • Mobile cross-platform development for iOS, Android and Windows Mobile
  • Realization and programming of the solution in C #, C ++, PHP, JavaScript and many more.
  • Software test and performance analysis/optimization.