Join our team!

Clear Systems GmbH is a young company in the field of hardware and software development.

In a small team we develop innovative solutions for medium-sized businesses. (
For a new product in the field of industrial automation we are looking for support for the implementation of small projects.
If you are looking for a task in the field of software development and enjoy learning new things in the field of IT, then we give you the opportunity to get involved.

In a small team we are looking for solutions together, where you can contribute to the implementation.

Employee in the field of software development (Location: Forchheim)

Location: Hainstr. 10, 91301 Forchheim (near train station)

We are looking for support in the following areas:

  • Development based on the Raspberry Pi
  • Extension data acquisition in industrial environments by means of scanner and data input
  • Extension of a state machine based on XML for mapping processes
  • Database based solutions with MySQL (MariaDB)
  • Creation of database based reports in Fast Reports, SQL and Excel

Job requirements & benefits:

  • You enjoy creative work with computers
  • You are curious to get to know new areas of IT
  • You already have first experiences with SQL (mySQL, MariaDB or Oracle)
  • You enjoy working in a team
  • You can work out solutions for a problem independently
  • You have at least 20 hours a week for us and that for at least the next 6 months
  • You speak German and/or English
  • We support you with the training and the later programming work
  • We offer flexible working hours

  • Send applications to: