RS485 / RS422 Shield for Andino X1

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RS485 / RS422 Shield for Andino X1

  • Isolated RS485 Shield

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The RS485, 422 Shield provides a fully isolated interface.
It comes with its own UART and is connected by SPI.
The UART can be operated on both the Raspberry Pi (/ dev/ttySC0) and the Arduino Controller (via Library). This is set via jumper.
On the screw terminals the signals A, B and X, Y are carried out.

  • Own UART driven by Arduino Controller or Raspberry Pi
  • RS485 – half Duplex
  • RS422 – full Duplex
  • Fully isolated Interface
  • Termination configurable
  • Manuel Transmitter Enable
  • Automatically Transmitter Enable

RS485 / 422 Lines are connected to the Skew Terminal

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