Andino X1 for Raspberry Pi

available from 6.12.2017

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Raspberry Pi extension with integrated signal preprocessing
  • Andino X1 in mounting Rail (TS35) housing
  • Arduino compatible Micro-controller
  • 24 Volt Powersupply (+5 Volt, 2,6 Ampere)
  • 2 digital Inputs and two Relais outputs
  • Additional extension and screw terminals.  

Product page see https://andino.systems/andino-x1/

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Raspberry Pi extension with integrated signal preprocessing

The Andino X1 is a microcontroller board in a rail mounting (TS35) housing.
It is used to adapt digital inputs and outputs for a maximum voltage of 24 V.
The X1 has its own microcontroller for signal preprocessing and adaptation of signal generators and actuators. Optionally, a Raspberry Pi (Model B) computer board can be inserted.
Communication between the microcontroller and the Pi takes place via the UART interface.

The Andino X1 offers the following advantages:
  • The sensitive GPIO of the Raspberry Pi is protected.  
  • Fast signals can be precisely detected by the upstream microcontroller.  
  • Actuators and sensors can be electrically connected to the Raspberry Pi.  
  • It provides an industrial power supply for the Raspberry Pi.  
  • Customized adapters from the Raspberry Pi GPIO or the microcontroller IO can be electrically protected on screw terminals.  
  • Provides mounting on a DIN Rail / mounting Rail (TS35) for installation in manifolds.

The 8-bit microcontroller has an Arduino-compatible bootloader and is ideal for sensor and logic tasks.
Its simple programming allows for faster development cycles and saves prototyping costs.
The X1 board has two electrically isolated inputs (up to 5kV isolated) and two relay outputs (switching voltage 42V max.).
The board can be operated optionally with attached Raspberry Pi or always with a computer connected via the USB interface (Micro USB).
Both the inputs / outputs as well as the logic of the microcontroller are usable in both configurations.
The X1 board has a 9-24V wide-range DC voltage input with reverse polarity protection and has a 5V – 2.6 A voltage regulator with EMC protection circuit, which also takes the voltage supply of a mounted Raspberry Pi.

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